Travel information

Participants, who needed the Russian visa will be provided by invitation letters on behalf of the organizers. The letters are the basis to arrange visa in Russian embassies and consulates. The detail information will be placed on the conference web-site.

Participants arriving at “Pulkovo-2” international airport may take a bus №13 or shuttle bus to the “Moskovskaya” underground station. There is a direct way from this station to the “Pionerskaya” underground station, which is about 300-400 m far from the Centre and hotel (see the scheme below).

 Participants will stay in the hotel of the conference Centre. The room charge (including “continental” breakfast) is 2500 rub. per night which is about 190-200 € for the whole period of the conference (three nights). An extension to the stay can be arranged upon request. Participants may also be accommodated in the nearby hotels within walking distance if necessary. The organizers will book the accommodation according to the participants’ requests.

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